Aircraft for Sale

Updated September 26th 2018


1999 Maule M7-235B, IO540, Mac 3 blade, 700tt, 150 snew crank AD eng Iran, Garmin IFR, ADSBin/out,406, JPI,FF,VGs,Obs doors, NAH, hangared, clean Maule, $133,000 SOLD 1999 Aqua 2400 floats with hatches and complete Maule rigging and ventral fin. $12,900 SOLD

2008 Maule MT7-235, IO540, 3 blade, 400t snew clean, hangared, ndh ready for bush or pavement use, $154,000 On Contract

2005 Maule M7-235B, B4B5 235hp, Autogas capable, BlacMac 3 blade, 750tt, many options, $139,500 SOLD

2006 Maule MX7-180C, O360 C1F with Cs prop,1140 tt, Garmin 430/250xl IFR, Stec 50 AP, Stec Gpss, 406, Aoa, VGs, EZflap5, LR fuel, JPI eng and fuel monitors, Observers, Swing to wing windows, Skylight, Andair fuel valve, .Pulselight, Rieff heat, Naca scoops, Rosens, ABW tailwheel. Beautiful condition. . $109,500. SOLD

please email regarding the Maule model you are seeking.

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