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2001 Maule MT-7-235 with IFR 930ttAF 0 sFact o'haul
Splendid condition aircraft has all the extras for safety and comfort!

Lycoming IO-540 injected 235 h/p 0 hrs Factory o'haul & AD compliance
Irridium Spark plugs in lower half

McCauley  81 inch constant speed

Aircraft Exterior
Dual swing to wing windows
3 observation doors
Observation window
Large overheard skylight with retractable shade
73 gal long range fuel

Pulse light system
Dual landing lights
New tires
Vortex generators
Stainless door sills
Rear door rain gutter
Gaps seals
Dual tail struts
Tail skid
Audible Stall Warning
Overhead safety mirror
Oregon Aero contoured seats
4 pt seat belts
Quick release rear seat
APU socket

Avionics, Navigation and Controls
Bendix King KX-165 NAV/COMM with Glideslope/VOR/LOC  
Bendix King KI 209 GS/VOR/LOC Indicator
KI 208 VOR/LOC Indicator
Garmin 560 GPS with weather
GM 40 weather antenna
Gizmo panel
SL 70 Transponder
AR 850 Encoder
PMA 7000 MS Audio Panel
Intercom x4 with music stereo input
JPI EDM 700 engine analyzer with data download
EBC 502 ELT (portable)

Windshield Cover
Cowling Plugs

Subject to prior Sale and verification

California: Ph. 707.942.5934 Fax: 707.942.5939 * P.O. Box 795 * Calistoga, CA 94515

Alaska: Phone 907.452.6807 * 607B Old Steese Hwy #741 * Fairbanks, AK 99701

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